Nahid Hasan Nirob

Nahid Hasan Nirob
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Nahid Hasan Nirob Editor Of VoiceBharat

Nahid Hasan Nirob (নাহিদ হাসান নিরব) is an Youth Journalist of India. He Born and raised in Sirajganj at December 2000. Currently He is Working with Voice Bharat News as Editor and he is one of Founding member of Voice Bharat News. Nirob started his career as Technology Entrepreneur and he worked for server management system.

Early life and education

He Has Completed his Diploma in Computer Technology at 2019 From Bangladesh Polytechnic Institute, Then He Had moved to China and Start Course Chinese Language at Yunnan Agricultural University. Then he come back to India and Join VoiceBharat News as Editor and Technical Team Head.

Personal life

Nirob got married to Nisha Das (Nisha Nahid Khan) in 2019 when Nisha Das was his best friend at student life.


GrameenPhone Integent award 2015

1st P. BPI Skill 2018

1st . BPI Skill 2019

Techcomizt 2020

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